ITI Faces DDoS Attacks from Multiple Sources Including India

On Monday night, ITI experienced a number of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks topping several gigabits per second (Gbps), told us sources familiar with the matter.

It is said that some of the attacks were cleared within minutes while others took longer to be managed.

As a result of the attacks, some ISPs were affected and users faced brief service degradation. Services, however, were restored soon after the attack was fended off. Some attempts were also made on govt websites during the attack.

Considering the prevailing cross-border tensions, sources say it’s highly likely that these DDoS attacks – which used botnets – originated from India among many others.

ITI is Pakistan’s major hub for managing internet traffic and the attacks are a serious concern because they can affect numerous ISPs and end-users besides putting local data at risk.

DDoS is a kind of cyber-attack that compromises the availability of a website to visitors in a process where attackers direct a huge amount of traffic to that particular website using bots, software that performs automated tasks over the internet.

“We can’t completely prevent DDoS attacks as they are a global threat and countries around the world are working on solutions,” said industry experts. “But we can significantly mitigate the risk through capacity building by enhanced access to submarine cables, and by putting data on local internet exchanges so it’s not exposed to international threats,” they added.

It’s pertinent to note that Pakistan in the past has faced major DDoS attacks on Pakistani websites by hackers from different parts of the world.

In the attack, websites belonging to the security forces and the federal government were attacked and defaced, while private data of government and security officials was also leaked.

        • It doesnot Matter that what is my qualification. Pakistan have best Intelligence Agency ISI and Bestest Army Afwaj-e-Pakistan no hacker can dare to penetrate these secure Walls. AlhamduliAllah.

  • currently best solution for DDos is cloudflare, simply configure DNS on cloudflare.

  • Bai inka koi Portal e nai hy k agar koi kisi Govt. site mien Vulnerability found karta hy tu ousy Report kiya ja saky.
    Ye site full vulnerable hy: It could be defaced within minutes.

  • and what a lame excuses, a website with proper authentications can’t hack. Pakistan major website’s data openly available, not even a single auth is implemented to verify user request to access the data. Our govt just distributing their citizens data openly. A bitter truth

  • its sad blame everything on india. its stupid we have our own people too who are involved in such things. we just put blame everything on india to get happiness and surrender ourselves thats all

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