#UnbanPUBGinPakistan Trends as Twitterati Rally to Lift PUBG Ban

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the absolute favorite games of Pakistani teenagers right now and its ban by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has resulted in a massive outcry by game lovers.

The news of PUBG’s ban came as a surprise for many, however, there were talks of the ban due to the rising cases of suicides over the game. PTA received a number of complaints from the parents which is a major reason behind the ban. The regulatory authority notified of a temporary ban on the game on 1st July and Lahore High Court has scheduled a hearing on 9th July regarding the matter.


Pakistanis Share Their Anger, Memes & More Over PUBG Ban

PTA has also asked the public to provide feedback through [email protected] by 10th July. While the PUBG lovers are sending in their emails on the said address, they have also started a trend on Twitter which calls for lifting the ban on their favorite game.

#unbanpubginpakistan is currently trending on Pakistani Twitter as a large number of people are sharing their viewpoints on the matter. Let’s have a look at what they are saying:







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  • Pubg re placement is needed Pakistan should develop its own game with muslim warriors like Tipu sultan,Mahmud of Ghazni,Muhammad Ghori,mMuhammad bin Qasim to motivate youth of our ancestor bravery.

  • Hi ProPakistani Team,

    Anyone can manipulate the dislikes and likes on your forum. As a general example I am putting this comment and I will put 10 dislikes on them. Please tell your stupid Webdeveloper to move to better technologies. There is no MAC and route filtering and anyone can simply delete cookies and can put as many likes and dislikes.

  • So one guy has committed suicide and PUBG is banned. By the definition ban schools and exams as dozens of children commit suicide because of it. Ban books as well as some people read depressing books and commit suicide.

  • This is what happend when you put Retired Generals and 70 year olds on top of PTA and IT Departments. PTA chief is again a Retired General and he has no idea about Egaming. They are living in another generation with no background and knowledge in IT.

  • “Anywhen who siad forntnite is better version of pubg” For your kind information fortnite sirf flagship mobiles me chalti hai aur pubg almost every mid range mobile me chalti hai so stop advising and start finding a solution.

  • I love pubg
    I earn money
    May apna zindagey asaney say guzarta hu bohot hush hu books aur doctor wagera sub ku6 is payso say karta hu agr ya band howa tu pir hum kya karygey
    Unband pibg please

    • Agar log pubg key waja say suicide karty hay tu pir Car accident aur Collage universitys Love marrage na hona is bhe log suicide kay hay peer isey bhe band kardo .
      I love pubg Unbanned pubg

  • # UN BAN PUBG .pubg ko un ban kro .game is not reason for sucide .media ghalat report phala Raha ha

  • #savepakistanesports
    Pubg se aghar sucide hote ha to univerty me or car accident se b moot hote ha
    Plz un ban pug

  • #UnbanPUBG
    there are many more cases of deaths by unemployed/traffic accidents so should we just ban employment and cars and bikes ?
    Don’t ban the platform instead ask parents to set the rules

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