Pakistanis Share Their Anger, Memes & More Over PUBG Ban

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is one of the most loved games in Pakistan right now with people of all age groups hooked to the battle royale game.

Following a few deaths of teenagers due to the game, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has banned PUBG Mobile temporarily. PTA announced the news in a press release on Wednesday.

In view of complaints received from different segments of society, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to temporarily suspend the PlayerUnknownโ€™s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game. PTA has received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses serious negative impact on physical and psychological health of the children.

The move hasn’t been received well among the teenagers and PUBG lovers are taking to Twitter to vent out their frustration.


PTA Bans PUBG in Pakistan

Let’s have a look at what they are saying on social media:

PUBG players right now:

2020 has been hard.

Mothers are finally happy.

Others are in favor of the ban.

Some are asking for a ban on TikTok as well.

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  • Kindly learn from Europe, America and other developed countries. They don’t ban any games, rather they create awareness. Banning of services is common in Africa, Middle east and developing nations. Basically it is easier to simply ban something to shy away from the real responsibilities.

    • Been living in the west for a while now. Educated families make their kids scientists, doctors and engineers.

      And the argument is flawed, if they destroy their next generation, will you do the same? Stop following west, ask the youth to develop skills that benefit them and their society. If you don’t know where to start do Data Science / AI based disciplines at your home after your regular job / studies and make a difference in your life and the nations life InshaAllah

      • If the west is so bad then Najam Sahib why you are choosing to live there?. Most Pakistanis that I have met in Europe and America wants all types of banning and Shariah for Pakistan, while they enjoy Secular lifestyle in the west. it is just a game. Take a chill pill and keep living the west. thanks.

      • Hey buddy, look either you integrate in Western society OR you go back to wherever you came from. You’re a perfect example of what economic migrants do in taking over jobs from Western citizens while still talking crap about the West. Kindly go back to Pakistan.

      • Not everyone has to persue a career in data science u idiot, people can actually make good money while gaming and if someone can do that stop trying to tell them what’s good for them and what not

  • Typical babu mentality of banning everything. Egaming is a Multibillion dollar industry. Rather than using the talent to get the championships in Egames we are banning the famous games. Look at Tekken 7 where 2 times Evo champ is from Pakistan and that is a fighting game as well..

  • Send the best players of Pakistan to PUBG World Championship. Right now Americans are the World Champs and Chinese are runner up of PUBG. Now we need a Pakistani to win the next World PUBG Championship.

  • A country where youth have easy access to P*** movies, but they are not allow to play games that deviate them from dirty films?. Youth have to spend their time in one way or another. They will go for some other activity after this one.

    • Spend time in education, research and developing new skills. We also need more scientists and highly skilled engineers / developers

      • Najam Sahib: Egaming signifies progress in Science and technology as well. It requires high level programming skills to develop any game and most people who play games have an IQ of more than 100 (above average).
        Infact E games are used as learning platforms in Europe and America. From Space-X ,Nasa to Boeing all are using Virtual and Computational simulators to test their products. Even American military is training soldiers through Gaming Simulators and using same rendering engines developed for gaming. .

        • o Pub g k addicted fan……konsa gamer hai Jo Nasa mein gya……Dhakay kha rahay hain sb…..I m also a gamer …..but plays it for fun……Not i m too much addicted that i go for suicide…..Jb tmharay bachay khelen gy……tmhari tarha……phr btana apna reaction……Idiot …..moo utha k chal parte hain koi sa b comment karne……IQ 100% Hai……..Pakistan mein se kis gamer ne Nasa ys space x join ki hai…….Dimag ka dahi

  • We live in a country where
    1. You can keep fake degrees & fly aeroplane
    2. You can drop planes from mid air & kill 100+ people.
    3. You can stock petrol & sell later with expensive price.
    4. You can stock sugar and make… scarcity?
    5. Same for flour…
    6. You can destroy public property worth millions & get away with it.
    7. You can drop bridges in the biggest metropolitan & get away with it.
    8. You can allow crooks to build houses next to circular railway & later demolish them by showing a court notice.
    9. You can fight outside National Assembly?
    10. You can drink as much alcohol, take drugs or attempt rape of innocents.
    11. You can (and the list goes on)…

    But you can’t play video games because INJURIOUS TO HEALTH.

    “Smoking is injurious to health”
    Today, I stand corrected, (tatti sarcasm).

  • First the PTA banned VPN, now they ban a computer game. Young guys are better playing games in the comfort of their homes rather than running after girls for their phone numbers (and getting rejected, psychological shock as well).

  • Article shows 50:50 ratio of FOR and AGAINST banning of PUBG, Up & DOWN votes in comments shows a different story.

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