New Project Will Supply Additional Water to Islamabad & Rawalpindi From Khanpur Dam

Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar chaired a review meeting on a Water Supply Project to Islamabad and Rawalpindi from Khanpur Dam in Islamabad.

Special Assistant to PM on CDA Ali Nawaz Awan, and senior officials of CDA, RCB, WAPDA and Ministry of Planning participated in the meeting.

The meeting was briefed on the progress of various initiatives for addressing the issues of water supply to Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Representatives of MCI said at the meeting that water supply to various sectors of Islamabad had been considerably improved through a number of maintenance/rehabilitation activities that had been pending for quite some time due to a shortage of resources.

SAPM on CDA appraised the efforts being made to enhance the supply of water to the twin cities from Khanpur Dam. He said that work is ongoing on signing an interdepartmental agreement that would facilitate the regular maintenance of the water channel which runs through the territory of two provinces and the ICT.

The Minister directed CDA to take the lead and draft the detailed progress covering all aspects of rehabilitation as well as long term operation and maintenance of the water supply system. Representatives of CDA informed the meeting that hiring consultants for supply water from Ghazi Barotha is at an advanced stage. The meeting directed that the process should be completed as per the timeline.

  • It will be wastage of resources because Khan Pur Dam remains dry 10/12 . Better to make some other arrangements?

  • پانی کے ذرائع کا بہترین استعمال کر کے بڑے شہروں میں ہر زبان زد عام اس پانی کے مسئلے کو ترجیحی بنیادوں پہ حل کرنے کے ساتھ ساتھ واٹر فلٹرنگ سسٹم کو بھی فعال بنانے میں بھی کوئی کسر نہیں چھوڑی جانی چاہیے.

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