SSGC Announces Load-Shedding Schedule for Industries to Resolve K-Electric Issue

The Sui Southern Gas Company has announced a load-shedding schedule for captive power plants and compressed natural gas (CNG) stations.

According to the reports, SSGC has announced a 48-hour supply halt to the industrial consumers to redirect fuel to K-Electric.

SSGC said that it has to provide KE with additional gas in the interest of the public and to reduce massive electric load shedding in the city. Gas supply to CNG and captive power plants will be suspended from Friday to Sunday.

Gas supply to captive power plants for the industrial sector will be restored on Monday at 8 am, while supply to CNG stations will resume on Sunday at 8 am. This decision was taken to reduce the volume of load shedding, said the company.

Power outage emerged in the summer as KE attributed this to fuel supply shortage.

SSGC is providing a total of 250 to 290 mmcfd of gas, including 75-100 mmcfd of liquefied natural gas, to KE. The petroleum division made arrangements for the supply of 80 percent of domestic residual fuel oil (RFO) production to KE to run its power plants.

The federal government has also made arrangements for a supply of 30,000 tons of RFO from the storage of other power plants to immediately fulfill the requirements of KE.