Uses of Mevris Smart Switches: A Smarter Pakistan

If you have a number of lights installed in your home or are fed up with the way you have to remember and manually switch the light on or off from across the room while you’re ready to call it a day, smart switches are the solution.

You might already be wondering why smart lights are not a good option when you’re starting with home automation and we have the answer. You can install smart lights, but they will stop working the moment you or someone else turns off the power from the main switch. Thus, it is always better to get a smart switch rather than a smart light.

Benefit of Smart Mevris Wi-Fi Switches

To help you contemplate if the investment in smart switches is a feasible one, let us explore the one major benefit Mevris Smart Switches offer!

  • Convenience

If you know even a little about how the Mevris switches work and facilitate you, you would know that the first thing the switches do is provide you convenience.

From using voice, smartphones, or an application like Mevris, there are some seriously clever things that you can do with your smart switches.

  • Ultimate Control

Any smart device including the Mevris switches is built upon the model of IoT. The basic purpose of smart devices or IoT-enabled devices is to gain ultimate and unflinching control over your home. You can use the switches and the connected devices to enable a very personalized experience and get your home technology working for you.

What Can Smart Switches Do?

Smart switches can control lights and ceiling fans throughout your home. Some of the most common uses of Mevris smart switches include:

  • Easy Configuration of Switches

The process to configure Mevris smart switches is simplified and easier now. With drop-in replacement, all you need to do is remove your old switches and add the new Mevris switches in their place!

  • Secure Operation through Authorized Wi-Fi Connection

Your smart switches are far more secure and can only be controlled through the authorized Wi-Fi connection.

  • Control through the Smartphone

Smart switches are enabling home automation by giving you total control of your switches remotely.

  • Google Voice Integration

You can integrate Mevris smart switches with the Mevris app and if you have Google Voice or any other compatible application, you can control your switches through the Mobile application.

  • Safety from Fluctuations

There are no sudden electricity fluctuations or sudden voltage drops with Mevris smart switches as the wide operating voltage keeps your lights and fans secure, saving them from burning due to sudden fluctuations and voltage drops.

If you are still unsure about getting Mevris smart switches after going through all the stated uses and benefits of the switches, you can take a moment and visit Mevris official store.

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