CDA Threatens to Demolish Illegal Navy Sailing Club in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken notice of the illegal construction of the Pakistan Navy Sailing Club near Lake View Park and has asked it to halt its activities.

The club, inaugurated on July 10, was earlier asked to stop construction on September 17, 2019, and February 24, 2020. The development authority served a third notice to the sailing club on July 13, threatening to demolish the structure if the notice was not complied with.


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CDA’s notice to the sailing club reads:

It has once again come to notice that illegal construction has resumed and the club has been made functional. This is a sheer violation of the CDA laws and it needs to be halted immediately.

If the construction is not stopped, the CDA said it will take action regarding the demolition of the structure at the club’s risk and cost.

  • question is can you do this CDA, do you have the guts? why on earth CDA shows up when everything is complete.

    By the way CDA use to claim monal as their land and guess who owns….

    Fear that day, when CDA head office is also gets vacated and occupied by new owners who are next door neighbours

  • Sooraj maghrib se Tuloo hoga jis din CDA ne Army ki koi building demolish ki.
    moreover this club was offering memberships to Armymen for Peanuts while for bloody civilians Prices were Jacked up Astronomically.
    Ye watan Tumhara hai
    Civilians hein Khwamkha iss mein

    • Army to door ki baat. Illegal civilian constructions ko bhi haath lagane ki himmat nai hai inki. PML-N and PPP k logo ne betaasha land grabbing and illegal constructions ki hui hain. kisi aik ko aaj tk haath nai laga sake Islamabad mai.

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