Twitterati Furious, Ask For Boycott of ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ Movie

Iranian movie on the life of Holy Prophet, Muhammad The Messenger of God, is once again facing criticism from the masses as social media moves to enforce a permanent ban on the film.

The movie, directed by Majid Majidi, is based on the events, trials, and tribulations of the city of Makkah in 6th century AD. It is also one of the biggest-budgeted Iranian films to date with a budget of $40 million.

The hashtag #BoycottMovieOfProphet is currently trending on Twitter as the social media users ask for the boycott of the Islamic film.


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According to Wikipedia, the storyline of Muhammad Rasoolullah is as follows:

By the order of Abraha, King of Habasha, one of his army commanders launches an attack on Mecca in order to destroy the Kaaba. He leads a well-equipped force of thousands of soldiers, horses and elephants. As the army approaches Mecca, the elephants respond to divine order by halting and refusing to continue. Millions of small birds then release a hail of stones onto Abraha’s forces and the army is annihilated. A month later, Muhammad (S.A.W.) is born. This film depicts the pre-Islamic Arabia as seen through the eyes of Muhammad (S.A.W.) from birth to the age of 13.

As per the reports, the movie, originally released in 2015, is now set to be released in India in the Hindi language which has led to a huge outcry among Muslims across the globe.

Here’s what the people are saying on Twitter:

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Feature Writer

  • As long as they haven’t shown Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) physically. I.e there’s no actor or ‘CGI being’ used for depiction of our Prophet, I’m fine with Movie.
    This movie will help counter anti Muhammad (PBUH) propaganda in West. Cuz Iranians are pretty great at making movies
    plz feel free to give your opinions as well

  • the movie is a master piece, showing pisitive image of Muhammad’s family and and their beautiful characteristics

    • Of course your kind takes cues from films to live your lives. Shows how bankrupt you are intellectually.

  • Boycott it, ban it, don’t allow it.

    Read the Quran and Hadees and go to the mosque, just like the Prophet (SAW) used to.

    Never in history were these events shown in stage shows or dramas.

    Also, ban any content where Allah is shown too. Like most western shows where they depict God as a joke or show His Exalted’s face generally. To those who don’t know the Torah, Injeel are also Allah’s books, so the mere mention or depiction in media is Blasphemous.

    • Dear, world has changed. Of you want world to know life of Muhammad then you must present it in video form.

      One may not agree, but I do support soft presentation of Islam and it’s followers.

      • Dear, this is not your wedding we are talking about that needs to be recorded on video to be shown around for fun … this is DEEN and deen islam is meant to be submitted to and not videod for pleasure.

        • Once upon a time ulema issued fatwa that printing press is against Islam. Then after 100 years it was okeyed by ulema. Same was done with loud speaker, initially it was called against Islam now it’s top use is at masjids.
          Around 10 years back ulema don’t let other take their pictures due to Islamic reasons, now every renowned aalim has his YouTube channel.

          Point is why should we deny a thing that we have to accept later.

  • Every thing about our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is dear to us even if they want a movie they need to get permission from several ulmah hazraat. Religious matters are very sensitive here and seeing the trailer it seems they want to spread fitna.

  • Muslims of the world right now => Ban this, ban that, boycott this, boycott that. Other than we as Muslims are doing anything else?. Why Muslims are not understanding that in this information age of 21st century you need more information for counter narrative. Banning and Boycott will not bring anything.

  • Not to boycott this movie! This is superb movie. Iranian are the best movie maker in the world

  • Being a muslim very first obligation is to respect our beloved prophet we should know that there can be no one like him and showing his character in movie is nothing more than fitnAa… I request you all to don’t make our religion complicated…. If you have any queries just open Qura’an. May Allah guide us.

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