Microsoft Should Switch to ARM or Lose to Apple: Ex Mac Chief

Apple Mac executive Louis Gassée said that Windows PCs will have to switch to ARM CPUs to keep up with Apple in the future. He was commenting on Apple’s switch from Intel to its A-series of in-house chips and said that Microsoft will have to switch to newer hardware or get left behind.

Louis talked about the A12Z Bionic’s Geekbench results while it was running on a Mac Mini. According to the tests, the chip working on Mac Mini exceeded the performance of even a MacBook Pro. This shows evidence that the A12Z Bionic will have much lower TDP without comprising on processing power.

Other than processing power, the other major advantage is also going to be improved battery life, though Apple has not revealed any numbers or even the TDP of the A12Z Bionic.

Due to this, Louis believes that Windows PCs will have to switch over to ARM-based CPUs if they want to keep up with Apple. He said:

In order to compete, PC manufacturers will have to follow suit, they’ll go ARM because, all defensive rhetoric aside, Apple and Microsoft will have made the x86 architecture feel like what it actually is: old.

We saw that the A12Z Bionic was not performing as well on iPad Pro 2020 and that is because of Apple’s translation layer Rosetta 2. Apple is working on polishing mini issues such as this before it unveils the first ARM-based 13″ MacBook Pro. The production for the new MacBook is expected to start around Q4, 2020.

  • lol Windows has been supproting ARM for couple of years now.. every year we see ARM based windows pc being released by manufacturers

  • But its not fully functional windows as most of the functionality and software support is not available with ARM devices.

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