Here’s Why Twitter is Thanking Waqar Zaka

The Islamabad High Court has finally decided to unban PUBG Mobile in Pakistan, declaring Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) earlier decision null and void.

The battle royale game lovers are ecstatic at the decision as they have put in a lot of effort on social media campaigns ever since the ban on 1st July. PTA banned the game after receiving complaints from parents, Punjab Police, and other segments of the society, terming the game injurious for health and wastage of time.


Court to Make the Final Decision on PUBG Ban: IT Minister

A prominent name in almost all of the social media campaigns to get the game unbanned in the country was Waqar Zaka. According to social media users, the controversial television host has played a big role in raising the youth’s voice at the top level.

Waqar Zaka has also urged the youth to ask for a resignation from IT Minister, Syed Aminul Haque, for his incompetence and failing to raise voice against the ban.

The game lovers are thanking him for his efforts with the #thankyouwaqarzaka trend on Twitter.

Let’s have a look at some of those messages:

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    • If he enter politics i will definitely vote for him we need tech savvy politicians not old clueless junk.

      • yar waqar zaka apka standard hai? bas? Bhai ji Elon Musk kyu nai hai? Oh wait, Elon Musk vela gamer loser ya bitcoin ‘phradia’ nai iss liay ?
        Mudassar Sheikha ko hi standard bana lo, wo Pakistani hai :)

        Afsoos, sudd afsoo, na janay kitny bright minds ko gaming, whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter, crypto etc k pechay laga diya. Khud Mark Zuckerberg kitna facebook use karta, zara google par check karo.

  • PP, you should have known better. This beka-waqar loser has NOTHING to do with PUBG unban. It was banned AFTER court observations and matter was sent to PTA for discretionary decision. PTA banned it temporarily, and toothless that they are, refused to man up and ban it permanently. They referred it back to courts which had no legal grounds to enforce the ban. So the unban was already in the making.
    In a long list, smartphone sellers/vendors are the first beneficiary of this unban. Period. More than enough said, for those have their brain cells mature enough.
    And heres a rant…
    5% tax on ride hailing which creates jobs. No restrictions on gaming which spoils a generation. Bravo!!
    Whats with the reference pic with this blog post? Sort of a mid finger gesture for someone to grace the occasion?
    Aamir, please resurrect the real Propakistani. I am sure you know what we mean.

    • Bhai aap ko real ProPK ka bara pata ha? Also, you must be a real narrow-minded old-timer to say that games spoiled a generation. Its not the game, its the people managing the gamer who are responsible a.k.a. parents. Also, people were praising Sumail when he won TI. They were saying ‘Uss ne naam roshan kia’. Where were you then to say that he has been spoiled by gaming?

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