Careem Simplifying and Improving Lives Since Eight Years

On July 23rd, Careem celebrated eight years, equivalent to a total of 2,920 days of simplifying the lives of people across the region. The everyday Super App started its journey in 2012 and today spans over 100 cities in 13 countries offering services across three areas: Mobility of People, Mobility of Things, and Mobility of Money.

The first of its kind in the region, today the Careem Super App has 33 million registered users, 1.7 million Captains, and together they have traveled 7,470,934,260 km. That is the equivalent of 10,000 trips to the moon and back!

During the time, Careem has seen a staggering 50 million points redeemed by Careem customers, equal to USD 15 million. Of these rewards availed, Pakistani customers of Careem have made significant donations to charities such as The Citizens Foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, and World Wide Fund for Nature.

As Careem ventures into its ninth year, its purpose remains to make people’s everyday life simpler so they can realize their potential and spend time on things they care about and enjoy the most. Whether those things are traveling across the world to spend time with loved ones or enjoying the most popular deliveries done by Careem Food.

Be it delivering the daily essentials of milk and bread, or requesting a Captain to drop a home-cooked food to a friend’s house, Careem continues to be deep-rooted in its values, bringing people and their communities together. Becoming a Super App and simplifying the lives of people in the region in more ways is aligned with its purpose and is a natural evolution of the business to stay ahead of customer demands and market capabilities.

  • They’ve recently stopped Purchase of Gift Cards through their app and are not admitting it officially that they’ve done se. Gift card Purchase option has not been removed from their Marketing Material but it’s been more than a month since it’s been removed from the app and despite complaining them they aren’t forthcoming about it. They playing it as one off bug but I have checked from other Careem usei as well and they have also confirmed that gift card purchase option is gone.
    For anyone wondering I used to buy PSN gift cards at a decent rate from Careem app. But it also sold Apple and Google cards as well

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