Weekly Report: New Coronavirus Cases Drop 31%, Deaths Down by 37%

Pakistan reported a total of 9,206 new cases in seven days with a daily average of 1,315 new cases per day, down from 13,458 new cases that we reported last week, showing a 30% week-over-week decline.

Not to mention, we have decreased our new cases from a peak of 40,807 cases that we reported in seven days (or an average of 5,829 cases registered per day) in mid-June.

While we lost 243 precious lives during the week, the number is 37% down from 333 deaths that were reported a week earlier.

The number of tests during the week stood at 149K (or around 21K tests on average per day), which is slightly down from 155K tests that were conducted a week earlier.

More in the below graphs:

Province Wise Cases

Of new cases during the week, Sindh contributed around 57% or 5,304 cases during the week. The number is down 30% from 7,474 new cases that the province reported a week earlier.

Here’s how the rest of the provinces / regions performed:

New Cases During 7 Days Avg Daily Cases % Change in Cases (WoW)
AJK 119 17  -62%
Islamabad 285 40  -42%
Punjab 1882 268  -40%
Balochistan 165 23  -34%
Sindh 5,405 743  -29%
GB 140 20  -21%
KPK 1,311 187  -18%
Total 9,206 1,315  -31%

Weekly Tests and Test to Positive Ratio

The number of tests conducted during the week remains almost flat with a slight decline. Overall a total of 149,468 tests were conducted during the week, down almost 6% from 155,598 tests that were conducted a week ago.

Check below graph that clearly shows that the number of tests has remained the same over the weeks, but positive cases have dropped significantly, and ultimately increased test to positive case ratio.

Test to positive case ratio during the week remained at around 6%, down from almost 25% that we witnessed during mid-June.

Overall Numbers


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