Power Motorcycle Announces a Revamp of its 70cc Bikes

Power Motorcycle (Also known as Kausar Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.) is an automaker based in Lahore, Pakistan, that is owned by a large Pakistani conglomerate known as Pirani Group of Companies (PGC).

Having begun its operations in 2015, Power Motorcycles is still a fairly young company that has created its presence in the market in an impressively short time, with their plant in Lahore now able to produce 500 bikes per day.

In a recent update, because the PK-70 is one of their most sold motorcycles, Power Motorcycle has announced to do the following to make their regular PK-70 bikes comply with the ‘Market Requirements’:

  • Handlebars with balancer
  • Increase in rear stroke thickness
  • Main stand and fitment reinforced
  • Wiring direction altered
  • Repositioning of the ignition coil
  • Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) unit relocated to the rear fender
  • Swingarm reinforced
  • Rear footrest reinforced

Power Motorcycles deals in a wide array of products. Their most famous products are the PK-70, PK-70 Deluxe, PK-100 Awami, PK-110 Cheetah, and the PK-125. Along with those, there are some other products for niche markets as well, namely, PK-70 Scooty with a clutchless transmission, PK 150 Archi, PK-200 Leo, and the PK-250 Sultan.

PGC has a rather large product portfolio including various bikes, vans, 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled pickups, rickshaws, trucks, and even tractors. In the motorcycle segment, their brand Power Motorcycle has a bike for every segment. However, with recent economic depression caused by the coronavirus, progress has slowed down in every sector.

Still, the economy has begun lifting itself back up as of late and the companies have resumed their operations under SOPs to regain the lost momentum.

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