PUBG Mobile Gets an Official Discord Server in Pakistan

PUBG Mobile has quite a large player base in Pakistan and most of the community relies on Facebook groups, Twitter pages, and other social media platforms to socialize and find squads to play with. This is going to get a lot easier as PUBG has launched an official discord server for Pakistan to put everyone in one place.

You can hop right into the server with the link included above. It already has nearly a thousand members and here you can get the latest news on PUBG, chat with other players, share bug reports and feedback, share memes and your own content, find groups to play with, and much more.

There are plenty of voice chat rooms to support the ever-growing amount of members. There are rooms for duo groups, trio groups, full squads, etc. Players can also assign themselves roles based on their location, their game version, and whether they play on iOS and Android. This makes finding people to play with a lot easier.

Last month, PUBG Mobile also launched official Pakistani servers for players to play on with better connections and less lag. Unfortunately, the recent PTA ban has forced everyone to play on overseas servers via VPNs.


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