Here’s How You Can Still Play PUBG Mobile in Pakistan [Guide]

It is no secret by now that PUBG has been banned all over Pakistan due to numerous cases reported against the video game. However, this is not stopping fans from playing the game and they are finding different ways to avoid the ban. As we all know, nothing can truly be banned from the internet as people will always find a solution.

In PUBG’s case, people are using VPNs to bypass the ban. This does increase the ping (delay or latency) compared to what players would normally get get, but it is still playable nonetheless.

Normally VPNs are not that good for gaming, but after some testing, we’ve found the ones that give the best results. Here is a quick guide for how you can use VPNs to play the game.

VPN Master

VPN Master for Android - APK Download

VPN Master is able to provide the best results for online gaming. While others can also ensure low ping, VPN Master is completely free, allows unlimited data, and has a variety of regions you can choose from.

Simply download the app from Google Play Store to get started. Unfortunately, this VPN app does not exist on the iOS App Store, so iPhone users are going to need to use something else. We do have an alternative that people can use on iOS as well (mentioned below).

Once you have VPN Master downloaded, you can select between different regions. Selecting Singapore will usually result in the lowest ping (between 100ms-120ms), but you can also select European countries to get between 150ms to 170ms ping. Do not bother trying India or American regions, as this causes higher ping which makes the experience less than ideal.

Now start the game and select the respective region in the game. For instance, if you chose a European country in your VPN, then select Europe in the game as well for the best results. Select Asia if you chose Singapore.

As mentioned before, this will get you between 100ms to 160ms based on your chosen region.

Melon VPN

Melon VPN for Android - APK Download

Melon VPN is a solid alternative that can bring the same results as VPN master, and is available on the iOS App Store as well. The UI works and looks exactly the same as VPN Master too.

Make sure to select the right regions (mentioned earlier) in the app and in-game as well to get the lowest ping.

In any case, let’s hope that players do not have to put up with this for too long. PTA is scheduled to announce its final decision soon and that will ultimately decide the fate of the game. Fingers crossed.


Why Banning PUBG is Complete Nonsense

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  • Better solution just turn on VPN than enter match than turn off VPN and wallah ping drop to 80MS to 125MS. Play match with your friends and after match turn on VPN again and continue to lobby. No Lag no Issue.

    • As far I think, changing VPN during game will change your ip during game and that too from one country to another. So I think this will increase chances of Account Block.

    • It has higher risk of banning as your geo location will be changing with enabling/ disablimg VPN while in game.. Not recommended at all

  • Use a paid VPN or smart DNS service. Also, please stop mentioning names of these VPNs otherwise the moulvis at PTA will try to block them

  • ProPakistani has struck a deal with PTA thugs and PTI Internet trolls. According to the deal they will dislike any comment related to PUBG and Egaming enmasse. These all dislikes are being manipulated by One of the admins of ProPakistani. Pakistanis beware of this drama orchestrated by these goons.

  • Shame on you ProPTI. There is a reason why pubg has been banned in Pakistan and it is a very serious reason. PTA did not ban the game because it struck its fancy to do so. It had been petitioned by thousands of concerned parents who saw their kids suffering psychologically because of the so called game. And here you are “guiding” impressionable kids to break the law by showing them how to bypass PTA and play pubg. Being a pro pti outfit you are doing the exact same thing your leader niazi did by turning kids against the state and their own parents to use them for his designs. This is what Hitler did and this what you are shamelessly doing. You arw an anarchist publication ans should be banned alongside pubg.

    • And you are that cancerous cell who will continue to multiply and malfunction any contacting cell. You and your views, unfortunately in abundance here in this country, are absolutely absurd and folly.

      • I’m greatly amused by your juvenile response. The young in this country are more childish than child like. Btw, how old are you? 12?

    • Bhai to parents apna bacho ko control ma rakha na. Paida hota hy smartphone pkra deta ha. Dena ha to kidz mode pr lga dy. Parents ko khud technology ka usage pta nh qasoor sara game ka ha.

      • What you say makes sense. That’s part of the solution. But encounter video game has potential to cause serious consequences in the young nonetheless.

    • This guy seriously thinks that a video game having worst graphics with least amount of violence among other video games and no nudity is going to influence kids psychologically
      You know why??? Because he is medical expert, he conducted this research at home, he thinks that in order to stop kids you need block everything they can access, such genius are the reason we are sending airships to mars everyday

  • Bro do you think that if you use PTA title instead of your name so we will be fooled and on the other hand your Worth’s are far less now do how will you ban VPN in Pakistan welli even if you guys thought so then you are total fools.

  • Please dont use a vpn i have a better solution. Download a chinese game booster” xunyou” it connects like a vpn but this will not change your location and you can enter in the match with (65-85) ping. ☺️

  • So, Propak is suggesting ways to evade the law? I thought propak doesn’t publish/propagate anything that is against the law of the land (right or wrong is another debate)

    • There is no law in pakistan “right or wrong” under which this game can be banned. If you know such then please also tell isb high court.
      Donot propagate your opinion on heresay, speak on facts or no one is interested in tour feelings !

  • By using this vpn id will not banned???
    Coz my friend using vpn for pubg has received a notification that your id is banned for 10 years …

  • Hi Mr Amir Atta ! The owner of this site ! Your this post can get you into serious trouble bcz u r telling the people to go against the govt.
    Why u want people to die playing Pubg ?

    • Who says people die playing pubg??? Why people from stone age getting internet??? They should be banned otherwise they will issue fatwa on everything which is useful

  • Why everyone is talking about law? Do u really think that this ban is legal?.. When ban is illegal then we can do whatever we want to… We don’t accept this ban. Because pubg is a depression killer.

  • better solution,,, stop playing BS games and do something that benefits the society

  • Zong free Pubg tricks

  • آپکو گورنمنٹ کا ساتھ دینا چاہیے، الٹا آپ خود غلط راستے کی تشہیر کر رہے۔

  • I have been a fool who purchased this VPN and now it is not working with PUBG. Your article is a hoax.

  • cub12 group there;s a powerful gruop of people out there htat are secretly running the world i am talking about the guys no one know about the guys that are invisible the top 1% of the top 1%, the guys that play god without permission if pta ban the pubg then see what i can do

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