This Pakistani Startup Delivers Coronavirus Test Results in 15 Minutes for Just $12

A promising Pakistani healthcare startup, Find My Doctor, is carrying out rapid COVID-19 infection diagnostic tests for just $12 which provides results within 15 minutes.

Launched in 2016, Find My Doctor allows patients to connect with the nearest doctors and book an appointment.


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According to the startup’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Saad Siddiqui, the company has so far tested 20,000 people for Coronavirus in Karachi and Hyderabad. The service was recently introduced in Islamabad and will be expanded to Lahore and Multan next month.

Find My Doctor is working in collaboration with Getz Pharma, a multinational pharmaceutical company, to carry out the rapid Coronavirus tests.

Siddiqui added that rapid Coronavirus tests are completely reliable and have been employed in Germany, Australia, Italy, and China to conduct mass testing campaigns.

Molecular diagnostic tests include analyzing samples collected through nasal swabs which costs at least $60 and results can take up to 2 days to be delivered.


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On the other hand, rapid Coronavirus tests use blood samples drawn generally from a finger and provide results much faster.

Besides, Find My Doctor allows patients to get routine check-ups at home for just Rs. 800.

Regarding future plans, Siddiqui said:

We want to eliminate the hassle and cost of patients going to the hospitals and clinics for treatment of different ailments. We are also trying to create jobs for young doctors and nurses through our platform, besides providing the best available facilities to our clients.

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