Airschool Launches Exclusive Facebook Marketing Course with Certified Ads Expert and Trainer, Ayesha Zaman

Airschool has announced a 4 weeks long course on Facebook marketing for students and professionals who want to start their careers in advertising and marketing to teach them the basics of marketing on the most famous social media platform. The course is conducted by Ayesha Zaman, Facebook certified ads expert and trainer in Pakistan.

The course covers everything from the basics of marketing, Facebook marketing tools, and the use of different Facebook features to grow your or your client’s business.

About the course

No business can survive and flourish without strong marketing that drives sales and customers. That’s the reason it has become quite a lucrative career in the past few years. Facebook is the most famous platform for marketing and advertising. Through this course, students and professionals can learn the use of different marketing tools on Facebook to promote a business.

Starting from the basics of marketing and Facebook pages, the course takes a thorough approach about the marketing tools and discusses their effectiveness and use in creating a brand image of a company. Facebook Shop, Pixel, Messenger, and marketing campaigns are also added in the curriculum and will be taught with the help of assignments and tasks.

The course also touches Instagram marketing a bit. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to create and manage a complete marketing campaign producing results and achieving significant marketing goals.

This is a four-week course with live-streamed classes on the weekends so that you can easily take it up part-time. Additional perks include practice exercises, useful resources for inspiration, guest lectures from people with hands-on market experience, and networking opportunities through a dedicated Slack community for the participants.

About the instructor

Ayesha Zaman Hammaad is the only Facebook Certified Ads Expert and Facebook’s Lead Trainer in Pakistan. She is the CEO of SwishTag, a business growth company. She has also been the Master Trainer for Content Marketing at eRozgaar Program. She has extensive experience in teaching Facebook marketing in the past.

How can you enroll?

The course currently has the last three slots available for the classes starting from 8th August, 2020. The seats are being booked every minute so don’t waste another second and reserve your spot today!

And if in any case you don’t make it to the current course and still want to learn about Facebook marketing from our expert so you can soon start a professional career in advertising and marketing, we are also introducing a second batch available for you to enroll in now with classes starting from 5th September, 2020. Don’t miss your chance to grab this once in a life-time opportunity.

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Each course batch has a diverse audience participation from Pakistan and across the world which becomes a breeding ground for students to learn, network and engage not only with the instructor but other students as well. The courses are conducted in a mixed language of Urdu and English.

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