PTA Takes Notice of Illegal GSM Signal Boosters

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) while taking serious note of the import, sale, and use of GSM boosters/amplifiers/repeaters and directed for prohibiting such practices.

The Authority has stated that it has been observed that increasing use of sub-standard

GSM Boosters/Amplifiers/Repeaters installed by mobile users themselves are causing interference in Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) frequency bands and deteriorating quality of mobile services.

Use of GSM Boosters/Amplifiers/Repeaters is strictly prohibited, stated the Authority. Only CMOs are allowed to import GSM Boosters and install them at mobile users’ premises.

PTA has warned that all the importers, distributors, sellers, and users of GSM Boosters to refrain from import/ distribution /sale/use of GSM Boosters otherwise legal action will be taken against the violators in light of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996.

  • Another anti-consumer move.

    They won’t bother taking any action against pathetic networks like Ufone and Telenor, but will continue making life harder and harder for customers.

    PTA needs some serious restructuring.

  • Those sitting in the PTA offices are jerks. They get hefty sums from cellular companies and are ready to jump at the consumers’ throats. Shame on PTA

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