Europe to Extend PIA Flight Ban After Rejecting PIA’s Appeal

The European Air Safety Agency (EASA) has rejected Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) appeal for the resumption of flights. Instead, the agency is considering extending the ban until December 31, 2020.

EASA, however, assured the national airline that the extension in the ban will be reversed if the country’s civil aviation authority takes concrete measures for flight safety.


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The European flight safety authority had banned all PIA flights from entering the European airspace for six-month, starting from July 1. The United Kingdom and the USA followed suit and imposed similar bans on the national flag carrier over flight safety concerns.

These sanctions came after the inquiry report of PIA flight 8303 was released. The report blamed the Captain’s error for the fatal accident that killed 97 people on board.


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Following the inquiry report, the Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar said on the floor of the House that 260 of 860 Pakistani pilots, 141 of which were employed by PIA, never sat for the exams and that their licenses were dubious.

  • good job. People should also know PIA was guilty of ripping off customers by charging exuberant rates for flights to the North America going well beyond $1000. I have been able to get flights at just $543 with Etihad to New York

  • Shame on PPP and PMLN for such a debacle. PTI has to clean a lot of mess created by Nawaz Sharif and Zardari

  • Sindh Highcourt is equally resposible of the incident allowing caption in command of illfated flight to be inducted against the pyschrotist’s decision declaring him unfit as a commercial pilot.

  • The wind high court cannot be held responsible. The Ombudsman directed PIA to induct the pilots as the law was deficent and allowed it. The appeal of PIA was dismissed by High Court due to legal issues and due to negligence on part of PIA legal team. The matte was time barred and the pilot got the benefits

  • PIA is marred with unqualified staff due to the unjustified involvement by Pakistani political parties who gave jobs to their own political workers and their cronies even Pak Army was also involved in this malpractice during the rule of president Musharraf and appointed a lot of staff disregard of their qualification, that resulting in unwanted and overstaffed department that started depleting the National exchequer

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