KP Govt Reveals Detailed Fare List for BRT Peshawar

Prime Minister Imran Khan will officially inaugurate the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRT) today along with Chief Minister KP, Mahmood Khan, and other provincial ministers and officials.

According to details, the BRT track stretches over 26 kilometers and has 31 stations with Chamkani and Hayatabad serving as the terminals. There will be 450 buses in the BRT fleet, each having a capacity of up to 95 people.


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Last month, the KP government had revealed that fares for BRT will start at Rs.10 which will go up to Rs. 50 depending on the distance traveled.

Now, with just hours remaining in the formal inauguration, the KP government has released a detailed list of fares for BRT which is mentioned ahead.

Distance traveled (Kms) Fare (Rs.)
0.1 to 5 10
5.1 to 10 15
10.1 to 15 20
15.1 to 20 25
20.1 to 25 30
25.1 to 30 35
30.1 to 35 40
35.1 to 40 45
40.1 or more 50

  • Have they also explained how this project is ‘Self Sustaining’ one, with these Fares that they have set? Or was it Just a media talking point to stave off the criticism of this Halal Metro?

  • Very soon within few months this bus service will be run and managed by private sector.
    Because running buses or trains or aeroplanes is not the government job.
    And even if the government is willing to run that will billions of extra rupees to only maintain this and or these of services

  • Thank God this service was completed. May Allah keep our Prime Minister happy and keep our country safe. Aameen ♥️

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