Rose Petal Launches Azaadi Pack to Support Frontline Superheroes

Ever since the inception of our country, Independence Day 14th August has been celebrated with great zeal and fervor, though this year the same level of enthusiasm may not be upheld due to the ongoing Covid-19 crises.

Since its hard to contain excitement as this day of celebration approaches, it’s important to stand up and honor those who are working tirelessly instead of taking our passion to the streets that can result in derailing the efforts of all those who are dedicated towards the resolution of the pandemic.

To mark this Independence Day, Rose Petal came up with a unique idea of saluting the frontline workers be it the doctors or nurses, policemen or army personnel, and all those who are fighting to curb the spread of the deadly Corona Virus. We came up with a special packaging design with a brand-new Independence Day Pack.

Exhibiting a doctor, policeman and nurse on the vibrant green pack, Rose Petal as an entity believes in empowering the efforts of our frontline warriors that sacrifice their time and well being to make sure that Pakistan gets to sleep peacefully.

The specialty of our Independence Day pack is that a certain percentage of sales are sent to relief funds that are facilitating those effected by the pandemic as well as offering monetary support to our frontliners.

The pack is available on Daraz, get your hands on it as soon as possible and lets honor our Superheroes together.

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