StormFiber Expands its 100% Fiber-Optic Network to Sialkot on Defence Day

StormFiber, Pakistan’s leading fiber to the home (FTTH) internet service provider, has announced its expansion to Sialkot. After Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Gujranwala, and Quetta, Sialkot is the 9th city which will be powered by StormFiber’s 100% Fiber-Optic Network. This news arrives on Pakistan Defence Day which complements the city’s heroic contribution in the 1965 Indo-Pak war.

Also known as the City of Iqbal, Sialkot stood unceasingly during the successful Defence of Pakistan in the 1965 war. Patriotism is deep-rooted in this city where it is full of Pakistani zealots who have struggled hard to make Sialkot a vital cog in the Pakistani economy. Every year on Defence Day, the flag of Hilal-e-Istaqlal is hoisted in Sialkot to honor the heroic memory of the martyrs who fought for the country’s honor.


Besides Sialkot’s unprecedented contribution to the country’s Defence, the city is also a world-class sports goods manufacturing hub that contributes 10% to Pakistan’s total exports with annual exports of $2.5 billion. With a population of slightly over 0.65 million, this small city is the third-richest in Pakistan and is widely regarded as an industrial powerhouse. It supplies all sorts of sporting gear, leather goods, and some of the finest surgical instruments to the world.

“The expansion of our footprint into one of the country’s most resourceful economic zones resonates with our vision that’s grounded in the patriotic spirit of Pakistan where we have always strived to make the entire country well connected,” said Mr. Fawad Yousuf Laher, Managing Director, StormFiber. “We hope that our robust FTTH infrastructure will help fuel Sialkot’s economic engine effectively and help its industry grow further by leaps and bounds.”

“The launch of our services in Sialkot especially on Defence Day will mark a major milestone in our journey of powering Pakistan with fast and reliable broadband services,” said Mr. Maroof Ali Shahani, Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Internet Services. “About a decade ago, we realized that the people of Pakistan needed high-speed internet which is instrumental for intellectual, social, and economic development. So, we set out with a vision to bring stable, ultra-fast broadband through fiber-optic to every city in Pakistan, and today we are proud to be bringing our services to the City of Iqbal.”

Through StormFiber’s 100% Fiber-optic network, this massive exporting hub of Pakistan will now have access to reliable high-speed broadband. In its initial phase Model Town, Capital Road, Pakka Garha, and Model Town Ugoki will get to experience StormFiber’s fiber broadband services with more areas to be added soon to its coverage.

StormFiber plans to continue its pursuit of spreading its high-speed fiber broadband across the country to cities such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Sukkur, and many others.

  • they are just in colonies in gujranwala.they have no services or don’t give services in the old city.where they can get huge number of custmers if they proide service.

  • Stormfiber is turning into PTCL. Customer support has degraded exponentially. Staff is untrained and they say the same line that PTCL support reps say “sir speed test pe speed full he is liye theek he”. Internet is not just about speeds.

    In Lahore, people are facing high pings at night time but they are ignoring the issue outright and don’t even bother registering it as a complaint. If we only needed speeds we would have gone for DSL. When you pay a premium for Fiber to Home, you should get better latencies too. Stormfiber RIP.

    • For speedtest change the server to any server outside Pakistan. Select US as a destination in change server as it will be more relevant as most sites are hosted in the US. Then share its results.
      What most of these ISPs do is that they have their own setup of ookla speedtest and put maximum bandwidth to it. You always get better results due to that as its automatically selected as nearest server.
      Main issues that are hindering these fiber ISPs (even Nayatel as well) is their back haul bandwidth which they do not expand as it costs them the most. This is a shared channel which is used by all the users. More the users and their usage, more it will be choked and end user facing latency.

      • Again this is another myth. Do you know what backhaul bandwidth even is or just like using fancy terms. Youre looking for upstream bandwidth. Nayatel Cyber and all others have plenty upstream capacity.

        The issue alluded to here is simply that the 10mbps you are getting from NayaTel or CyberNet/StormFibre is not sufficient and you need to upgrade.

        • I am on a 50Mbps package and am connected via wire to my router. All other devices are disconnected. My speeds are mostly fine but pings double from 9pm onwards daily. Europe gives me around 320ms, Singapore 250ms which makes gaming impossible.

    • Speedtest usually gives you local speed based on server location. If you are feeling like there is slow speed, remove all machines from the network and just on one machine download a popular torrent with many seeds and see if it fully utilizes the link. If so, you are getting full speed.

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