Petroleum Division is Working on a Shale Gas Policy

Petroleum Division is working on a Shale Gas Policy to exploit the massive untapped Shale gas and oil reserves in Pakistan by inviting multinational companies for exploration purposes.

According to the official statement from the Petroleum Division:

The Shale Gas Policy is in the process of formulation, which will attract many multinational companies to come to Pakistan for undertaking exploration to discover Shale gas and oil in the country.


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In 2015, USAID sponsored an exploration study during which Shale cores and cuttings from 124 wells dug in the lower and middle Indus basin were sent to the US for a detailed analysis.

The analysis had confirmed the presence of 10,159 trillion cubic feet (TCF) Shale gas and 2,323 billion of stock tank barrels (BSTB) of Shale oil in Pakistan.

The untapped reserves stretch over 271,700 km, 33% of the total sedimentary area of Pakistan, in Sindh, South Punjab, and Eastern Balochistan.

The same year, Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its Shale Gas Assessment Report 2015 revealed that Pakistan has 105 TCF of Shale gas and 9.1 BSTB of Shale oil in Pakistan.


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Pakistan’s natural gas demand is 6 billion cubic feet per day (BCFD), of which less than 4 BCFD is being produced domestically.

Pakistan could become self-sufficient in gas and oil production for decades to come if it manages to exploit the untapped resources.

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