Albayrak Proposes Contract Extension For Lahore Metro At Significantly Reduced Rates

Albayrak Group, a Turkish conglomerate and the current operator of the metro bus service, has proposed a 4-year contract extension of the Lahore Metro at a rate of Rs. 213 per kilometer.

In September 2012, the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) had signed an 8-year contract with Albayrak Group for the procurement, operations, and maintenance of the Lahore Metro bus service.


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Under the current contract which is set to expire later this month, PMTA and Albayrak Group had agreed on a rate of Rs. 350 per kilometer.

Furthermore, Albayrak Group, in a letter written to PMTA, stated that metro buses used in public transport across the world including Turkey have an average life span of 12 years.


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Since 2012, operations at the Lahore Metro project have remained suspended for almost 12 months on account of strikes, public holidays, and the coronavirus lockdown.

The letter further added that the buses of the Lahore Metro have operated for only 7 years and can remain functional for the next five years, allowing the exchequer to save significant financial resources.