Xiaomi Launches an Antibacterial Smart Toilet Because Why Not

After a long list of smart gadgets and home appliances, we now have a smart toilet from Xiaomi as well since everything in our household needs to be smart in some way. The new Xiaomi smart toilet is called the Little Whale Wash Antibacterial Smart Toilet that comes with a starting price of $295.

The new toilet comes in two different models with a Qingyun version and a more expensive Net cloud version costing $414. Both models have the exact same minimalistic design that we typically see on Xiaomi products.

There is no water tank on the back, but there is a jet siphon and a strong flushing force as well as water-saving. The seat itself is antibacterial and the whole machine is IPX4 waterproof.

The toilet supports automatic flushing 5 seconds after you leave the seat, but you can do it manually as well through light touch on the side of the toilet. There is support for foot-touch flushing as well.

Other smart features include seat heating at four different adjustable levels to prevent skin burns. There is automatic temperature control as well to make it effortless.

The Net Cloud version has support for additional features such as automatic washing, warm air drying, water purification, cleaning massage, wireless remote control, a smart digital display. The Net Cloud edition is essentially a luxury toilet and justifies the price tag it comes with.