Xiaomi Announces an Automatic Door Lock With a Fingerprint Sensor

Xiaomi’s list of smart home appliances is never-ending and the latest one to join the series is the company’s first-ever fully automatic smart door lock. It will be available later this month in China for roughly $265. and will likely hit the international market soon afterward.


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Xiaomi’s smart door lock can unlock a door with your fingerprint and automatically lock it after 0.8 seconds of closing. This eliminates the need for keys or pushing buttons or twisting a handle and adds an additional layer of security as well. Not only that, but it also has support for 50 passwords of different types. Its fingerprint recognition accuracy is 98.9%.

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi says that the internal structure of the lock is built with powerful components enabling a linear driving force, planetary gear reduction, micro-motor power, state perception, and more.

As for unlocking, there are several methods to choose from as well such as NFC unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, HomeKit unlocking, and more. It comes with eight AA batteries that offer a year of use. However, there is a USB C port as well in case of emergency backup needs.

As mentioned before, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock will go for sale later this month for $265.