Nayatel Introduces Innovative Security Camera Solution ‘E-View’

Being the first Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Operator in Pakistan providing premium triple-play services including Internet, Cable TV, and Phone to its customers, Nayatel has also introduced innovative value-added products and services that have benefitted its home and corporate clients.

One such service is E-View in which you don’t need a static IP to access your cameras. You can have your own security camera solution and let Nayatel’s E-View provide you with a customized URL, which is easy to remember to access your security cameras.

This service can be used by Nayatel home and corporate customers, where you can instantly monitor all your security footage and view the activity through your cameras 24/7 from anywhere.

A dedicated support team is also available that aids in the initial configuration of the URL when the remote configuration is not possible.

To subscribe to this service, simply login to the Customer Portal or download My Nayatel App.

  • It Security of this solution is very important.. as worldwide alot of sites have placed the list of vulnerabilities different solutions have.. also there are lot of sites where you can see the CCTV footage of IP cameras worldwide free.. So instead of realizing it late.. its a request to nayatel to work on this important consideration while designing the solution and making it available for customers

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