People From Gilgit-Baltistan Will be Hired on Priority for Diamer Bhasha Dam Project

The candidates of Gilgit-Baltistan will be given preference for the appointment against the vacancies of the Diamer Bhasha Dam Project. The Engineers of WAPDA and Sindh should sit together and finalize the pre-feasibility report of Sindh Barrage.

These directions were passed in the meeting of the Standing Committee on Water Resources held in the Conference Room of Ministry of Water Resources, Islamabad. The meeting of the Standing Committee was presided over by its Chairman Nawab Muhammad Yousuf Talpur. The Committee was briefed that no money was spent on the advertisement of Diamer Bhasha and Mehmand Dams.

Moreover, the Committee was informed that an amount of more than Rs. 12.63 billion was collected for Diamar Bhasha and Mehmand Dams out of which about more than Rs. 46 million are saved in the bank account whereas the rest of the money has been invested in treasury bills of three-month duration and the profit, expected to be received on the bills, will also be deposited in the bank account.

Standing Committee asked about the detail of investment in the treasury bills including the permission to make the investment. So, the Standing Committee directed to furnish a detailed report in its next meeting.

The Standing Committee was informed that the newly created posts of Grade 1-5 in Diamer Bhasha Dam Project shall be filled in by the local candidates of Gilgit-Baltistan. Similarly, 124 posts of the project of Grade 1-16 shall also be filled in by the candidates of Gilgit-Baltistan. The Standing Committee was informed that the posts of Grade 17 and above shall be filled in on the quota allocated to different regions.

However, the candidates from Gilgit-Baltistan will be given preference. The Standing Committee was informed that about 5000 posts will be created in Diamer Bhasha Dam Project and the policy of the Government, especially, that of the quota shall be observed, in this regard, in letter and spirit. The Standing Committee was informed that the Sindh Barrage is proposed to be constructed downstream of Kotri Barrage.

The project was approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in May, 2019. However, the experts of the Irrigation Department of Sindh have some reservations on the project. The Standing Committee directed the engineers of WAPDA and the engineers of the Irrigation Department of Government of Sindh to sit together and come up with a mutually agreed upon pre-feasibility report of the project.

The Standing Committee was informed that according to the Water Apportionment Accord of 1991, the Balochistan Province has to receive 3.87 million acre-feet but Balochistan has been receiving 32% less water then its share for the last 28 years.

However, now the Balochistan is getting a full share of its water. The Standing Committee showed its serious concerns upon a lesser supply of water to Balochistan in previous years.

The Standing Committee directed the Chairman, IRSA to ensure proper giving of water to Balochistan. Moreover, the Standing Committee directed the Chairman, IRSA to personally monitor the situation of water being supplied to Balochistan. The Committee directed that when he felt that Balochistan was getting lesser water then its share the same must be brought to the notice of the Committee, forthwith. So that the Committee can convene its meeting, on urgent basis, to address the issue.

The meeting was presided over by the Chairman, Standing Committee of National Assembly on Water Resources, Nawab Muhammad Yousuf Talpur and attended by Members National Assembly; Ch. Shokat Ali Bhatti, Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Dhandla, Ch. Javed Iqbal Warraich, Ms. Naureen Farooq Ibrahim, Ms. Nuzhat Pathan, Mr. Khalid Hussain Magsi, Ch. Muhammad Hamid Hameed, Mr. Ehsan-ur-Rehman Mazari and Mr. Afreen Khan. Mr. Muhammad Faisal Vawda, Minister for Water Resources also attended the meeting. Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources along with represenatives of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, WAPDA and IRSA attended the meeting. In Addition, Irrigation Department, Punjab, Irrigation Department, Sindh and representative of Rawal Dam also attended the meeting.

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