Xiaomi Dabai’s New Smart Toilet Requires No Hands, Works Using Voice

Xiaomi’s offshoot, Dabai, known for its home appliances recently crowdfunded its super-power ion voice-activated smart toilet under the Youpin platform.

The smart toiled is powered by Dabai’s first intelligent AI voice chip that, according to the company, efficiently responds to all voice commands like ‘Open the lid’, ‘Close the lid’, etc.

As far as the design and construction of this unique product are concerned, it is designed using a high-transmittance glass panel integrated into the LED digital display interface. This not only gives it a good finish but also makes the icons bright and lively. The company claims that this also makes the toilet easy and comfortable to use when the lights are out.

Apart from this, the toilet can automatically sense the user approaching via the sound of footsteps and hence opens the lid.

It is also equipped with the advanced plasma sterilization technology usually found in medical industry.

According to the company, this technology is used to penetrate the inner core of bacteria in all directions. It destroys the structure of the bacterial DNA and RNA, thoroughly sterilizing the bowl. The whole process takes about 2 hours.

Furthermore, the smart toilet also supports patented constant temperature washing, 6-speed warm air drying, ECO constant temperature seat and other functions.

It is currently being crowdfunded for $340 and will be available for sale by 10th November at a $535 price tag.