Security Guard Shoots National Bank Manager Over Alleged Blasphemy

Update: The bank manager who was later shifted to Lahore’s Services Hospital due to his injuries has succumbed to his wounds.

A National Bank security guard in the Qaidabad area of Khushab, Punjab, shot and severely injured his bank manager after accusing him of blasphemy.

As per reports, the guard, Ahmad Nawaz, had a heated argument with the branch manager, Malik Imran Hanif, over Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) two days ago. Nawaz, who belongs to the Barelvi school of thought, got offended by Malik’s comments, decided to kill him.

On Wednesday morning, he shot Malik Imran, who was a Deobandi and gathered a crowd of like-minded people. He then led them to the local police station to surrender. The crowd greeted him with slogans like, “we can accept death in the service of the Prophet,” and “behead those who insult Prophet.”


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Nawaz received special protocol, even in the police station. With all his supporters gathered outside, he got to the roof of the police station and waved at them.



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Meanwhile, the victim’s uncle has released a video, confirming that Imran Hanif and his family are Muslims and not Ahmedis as claimed. They are also true lovers of the Holy Prophet and that the security guard has falsely turned a personal dispute into a blasphemy case.

He revealed that it was rather a sectarian debate between the two. Considering Imran Malik’s views as blasphemous, Ahmad Nawaz attempted to kill him in the name of religion. The bank manager has survived and is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Local journalists have shared some screenshots of Imran’s Facebook profile, proving that he was a practicing Muslim and had no blasphemous views against the Prophet.

Meanwhile, police have also promised local clerics that Ahmad Nawaz will be charged for attempted murder – a bailable offense, and not under the Anti-Terror Act.

  • When our beloved prophet Muhammed Saw was stoned by quresh did sahaba RA attempted to kill them? Or old lady who put trash on our prophet Saw, which sahaba tried to kill her? Killing a human is like killing all of mankind, forgiving is more higher value to Allah subhano talla. Plus Muhammed Saw was a role model to us from Allah SWT meaning we have to follow him and adopt his way of life. So when did our prophet Muhammed SAW tried to kill someone out of rage or anger? We have been strayed off the Islamic path and Hazarat Muhammed Saw’s teaching, yet we claim to be the biggest lover of only our prophet SAW and don’t know anything about the ihkamats of Allah SWT. A person commits blasphemy in a single room and media and other Muslims delivers it to the whole world. It’s shameful that we muslims are disrespecting ourselves.

  • ‏کیسی بخشش کا یہ سامان ہوا پھرتا ہے
    شہر سارا ہی پریشان ہوا پھرتا ہے

    کیسا عاشق ہے ترے نام پہ قرباں ہے مگر
    تیری ہر بات سے انجان ہوا پھرتا ہے

    جانے کب کون کسے مار دے کافر کہہ کے
    شہر کا شہر مسلمان ہوا پھرتا ہے

  • Jahaalat ki inteha hai hamare mulk mai, Jo molvi isko support kr rahe hain inho ne Aakhirat mai ALLAH (SWT) ko moo nai dikhana???? Ab aik naya hero mil jae ga Jaahil awaam ko…. Aik Musalman ne doosre Musalman bhai ko qatal krdiya hai, isme koi jashan ya khushi ki baat nahi, sakht afsos ki baat hai. Umeed hai k Goverment strong action le gi aur is jaahil qaatil ko jald saza de gi. aur jo Molvi iska saath de rahe hain is Na Haq qatal mai unko bhi notice kr k inke khilaaf action lena chahiye.

  • I also belong to Quaidabad. When this incident was investigated, it was found out that it was a personal grievance, and the scholars have now completely given up on it.

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