Pay and Pension Commission Formed to Change Salary Structures of All Federal and Provincial Govt Employees

The Finance Division has reconstituted the pay and pension commission to work out salary structures of the existing and new employees of the federal and provincial governments with a view to bringing uniformity in pay structure and review further increase in salaries.

The Finance Division Wednesday issued a notification on the constitution of pay and pension commission-2002.

Finance Division has issued details of thereconstitution of 25 members pay and pension commission which would be to be headed by Nargis Sethi, former federal secretary.

In compliance of the orders of Prime Minister’s Office, the revised composition of the pay and pension Commission was being notified.

Private members of the commission: NargisSethi, Former Federal Secretary will be chairperson of the commission and members of the commission will include Muneer Qureshi Retired Civil Servant, Nazrat Bashir Retired Civil Servant Member, Habib UIIah Khan Member Retired Civil Servant, Saud Mirza Member Retired Civil Servant, Dr. Masood Akhtar Chaudhry Member Retired Civil Servant, Mehfooz Ali Khan Member Retired Civil Servant, Dr. Noor Alam, Retired Civil Servant Member, Vice Admiral Shah Sohail Masood (R) Member Vice Admiral Pakistan Navy, Managing Director Bahria Foundation , Birg (R) Mohammad Ashraf, Veterans of Pakistan, Nausheen Ahmed, Company Secretary, ICI (Pakistan) Limited Member and Aquil Raza Khoja Private Sector.

Members ex-officio of the reconstituted pay and pension commission: Secretary, Finance Division, Government of Pakistan, secretary establishment division, secretary defence, secretary finance Punjab, Secretary Finance Sindh, secretary Finance KP, Secretary Finance Balochistan, Secretary Finance AJ&K, Secretary Finance GB, An office of BS 21 Controller General of Accounts, Director General PP&A, GHQ ,Joint Secretary Finance Division.

The scope of the commission would include federal and provincial civil servants, other government servants, civilians paid from defence budget, all armed forces, civil armed forces and all employees of the public sector enterprises.

The commission will study the adequacy of existing basic pay scale (BPS) system and evaluate the current salaries and recommend measures for uniformity and pay structure for new recruitments in future. The commission is also empowered to make recommendations for the streamlining of the exiting classification from BPS 1 to 22.

The commission will also study the separation of existing BPS for specialised departments, occupations and cadres and review special scales such as management cadres, management position scales, project pay scales and propose measures for uniformity and improvement.

It will review admissible regular allowances, special incentives and all other allowances with a view to highlighting the prevalent distortions and recommend corrective measures.

The federal government has recently claimed that provinces have bypassed it in revising the pay and salary packages of their secretariat employees, which is unprecedented and against the norms.

The new commission will also review the pension system. The commission will highlight the existing distortions and anomalies in the pension scheme and recommend remedial measures, according to the terms of references.

The commission is empowered to review the existing incentive regime and recommend improvement in it. It can make interim recommendations, if desired by the government.


  • Sorry to say that being a government employee of health department
    During this 21st century
    I am receiving a sum of Rs50 as rural compensation allowance
    Is it justified??
    The authorities may take serious notice of this issue please

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