Pakistani Researchers Develop AI Software That Can Detect COVID-19 Within a Minute

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has approved an indigenously developed AI-based software that accurately detects the Coronavirus infection in an individual’s lungs within a minute.

Named COVRAID, the software has been developed by the National Electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP) and will soon be available across the country.


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DRAP Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Asim Rauf, has said that this type of software is available only in a handful of countries, adding that Pakistan will soon export the COVRAID software across the world.

COVRAID requires an image of a chest x-ray as an input for the detection of COVID-19 positive or negative cases. It analyzes the image in seconds and provides the result of COVID-19 infection with 90% accuracy.


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According to NECOP, COVRAID has been developed by creating a data repository of chest x-rays and trained on more than 35,000 CXRs.

NECOP has termed the development of COVRAID as a breakthrough technology in Pakistan that will help in conducting the screening of a large number of patients in a limited time.

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