Apple Faces iPhone 12 Pro Supply Issues Due to Hardware Shortage

As expected, the iPhone 12 series has been incredibly well received in the market with global sales exceeding expectations. However, despite healthy demand, Apple is facing supply constraints which is causing a shortage for some of the iPhone 12 models due to a lack of critical components.

According to a report from UDN, the iPhone 12 Pro is currently in short supply and the primary reason for this is a lack of some key ICs for the device. These components are crucial for the device and they cannot be assembled without them.

The report also says that the supply constraint will continue until next year. This is because foundries are currently overwhelmed with orders and their lack of capacity to make advanced process wafers and the shortage of packaging and testing will continue until Q2, 2021.

This is why Apple is unable to keep up with the supply gap for the iPhone 12 Pro, which is larger than the iPhone 12 and Pro Max at the time of writing. This will affect the company’s overall annual Smartphone shipments for 2020 and some portion of 2021 as well.

Moreover, since orders for smartphone components are growing in recent months, Apple may find it difficult to stock up inventory for its iPhones in the near future.