Saudi Researchers Invent Artificial Skin That Can Replace Human Skin

Saudi scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the field of biotechnology. According to reports, the scientists have created a new artificial skin. This artificial skin is not only durable and flexible but also sensitive to touch and other necessary human elements of responsivity.

Scientists have created a unique sensitive skin that can be used in artificial organs, and its feature of automatic repair is an exciting new prospect. Notable scientists have labeled it the ‘electronic skin.’


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Researcher Dr. Yichen Cai, who contributed to the invention, said,

The ideal e-skin will mimic the many natural functions of human skin, such as sensing temperature and touch, accurately and in real-time. However, making suitably flexible electronics that can perform such delicate tasks while also enduring the bumps and scrapes of everyday life is challenging, and each material involved must be carefully engineered.

This experiment was performed by scientists at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.