Sony Patents a Possible PS5 Pro With Two GPUs

A newly uncovered patent from Sony shows that the company may be working on a console with two GPUs, similar to gaming PCs with Nvidia’s SLI and AMD’s CrossFire support. Rumor has it that this could be the PlayStation 5 Pro.

Sony patent envisions dual GPU console and cloud gaming, could be the PS5 Pro

According to the patent, the two GPUs in the unnamed console would work together to render a single frame simultaneously or split the frame into two and feed it to the GPUs separately. Only one of the GPUs will control the HDMI output, which would require it to read the frames from the other one.

These GPUs would also have their own memory controllers to avoid memory congestion.

The patent also mentions a high-end console with bigger and faster storage as well as two GPUs while the other variant features just one. This configuration could be similar to the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, except with dual GPUs this time around. This could mean that Sony is working on a PS5 Pro with two GPUs, which would enable 4K 120 FPS gaming and a better VR experience.

Sony patent envisions dual GPU console and cloud gaming, could be the PS5 Pro

Furthermore, the patent also talks about a cloud gaming service that would require an additional device with sensors like NFC, GPS, IR blaster, biosensors, weather sensors, etc. This device will link to the console and enable cloud computing as well as cloud gaming. Though it is unclear what all the sensors are for.

However, as this is only a patent, we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt.