Russia Offers its COVID-19 Vaccine to Pakistan

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in UK hospitals, and vaccination will start during this week. Russia has begun vaccinations in Moscow, with Sputnik V doses delivered to clinics in various parts of the country.

With countries muddling through the queue to buy COVID-19 vaccines all over the world, Russia has offered to supply its Sputnik V vaccine to Pakistan. Although the Russian vaccine has yet to finish its final trials, President Putin authorized the distribution of the vaccine over a week ago.


SAPM on Health Announces Schedule for COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

According to reports, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the offer, attached with the data on the vaccine’s clinical research and trials from the Russian Embassy in Islamabad. As per reports, the clinical research data suggests the Russian vaccine to be 95 percent effective and relatively cheaper than other vaccines.

Meanwhile, Russia has stated that the vaccine does not require any special storage requirements, like the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which needs to be stored at -70°C and lasts just five days in a regular refrigerator.


Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Offers 95% Protection Against the Infection

The clinical research report mentioned that Russia’s Direct Investment Fund bankrolled the development of Sputnik V, which is currently being administered to Russian troops. The vaccine was registered in early August 2020, and Pakistan reserves the option of accepting Russia’s offer for potential vaccine rollouts in the coming few months.