Likee All Set to Launch Operations in Pakistan Following One Million Downloads

Likee, the world’s leading global short video creation platform with around 150 million unique monthly users worldwide, is all set to launch its operations in Pakistan. The platform has already crossed a million downloads mark in the country and is expected to make new records with the localized version launch.

The Singapore-based app is unique in the sense that it offers users the capability to easily create videos and add special effects to them which can be four-dimensional, attractive, and dynamic stickers as well as a video editing tool. The platform plans to employ resources in the channel sales development, content operations, brand safety teams, and influencer talent management spheres.

The planned launch is a timely step as Pakistan has a market of 76.38 million internet users, according to the estimates of the current year. Interestingly, the number of users increased during the past one year by 11 million while social media users also stand at 37 million as of now, according to reports. As stats also suggest that 73 percent of online users preferably watch videos, investing in video consumption and creation area may open new avenues of growth for the platform.

Likee enjoys its position in the region as one of the top short video platforms, providing the users with the opportunity to test the potential in an engaging and immersive environment.

  • Youtube pe Likee k intehai behooda aur vulgar ads daikh daikh mai mai tang agaya hu…. We cannot even report those ads. Really sad

    • Use “Ublock Origin” browser Extension when surfing web from PC and Use Youtube Vanced App on Mobile that way you’ll be able avoid Ads altogether

      • Im a Vance user from 2 to 3 years back. But not all use it or have knowledge about it. Its really sad what our children and other ppl will have to watch

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