We Should Have Immediately Gone to The IMF: PM Imran

Speaking to the media, Prime Minister Imran Khan conceded that delaying the financial deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was the ‘biggest mistake’ of his government.

He said, “In times of such a financial crisis, we should have immediately gone to the IMF.” The premier also acknowledged the oversight in institutional reforms. He said, “The second biggest mistake was not initiating the process of institutional reforms.”

The Prime Minister also spoke regarding the opposition’s protest movement, the coronavirus pandemic, and the foreign policy of the country.

While speaking about the rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, he remarked that planned efforts were being made to weaken the nations by a “source.” He said that the same was being done against Pakistan. He further stated, “A coalition comprising a few countries does not want to see a strong Pakistan.” He said that efforts were being made to cause unrest in Pakistan.


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The premier said,

Whatever happened in Iraq was for the same reasons. Iraq and Iran were made to fight each other in an attempt to break up the two nations.

Regarding the matter of opposition parties threatening to resign from the assemblies, PM Imran said that in case that materializes, his government is willing to hold elections immediately. He capped it by reiterating his statement that the government is willing to negotiate with the opposition parties, but no NRO will be offered.

He informed that the government will immediately hold local government elections following the senate elections.

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