Islamabad’s Transgender Community Gets its First Ever Madrassah

The first-ever madrassah (seminary) established solely for the transgender community in Islamabad has started enrolling students from every age group.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad, Hamza Shafqaat inaugurated the madrassah on Wednesday.

“So far, 25 transgender people have been enrolled in the seminary set up in Mehrabadi, in the outskirts of Islamabad,” confirmed Shafqaat, who has taken a special interest in providing the much-needed facility to the community.


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The seminary also serves as a rehabilitation center for this neglected segment of the society and will provide the transgender people shelter, food, skills, basic education, and religious teachings.

“The entire plan is to bring the transgender [people] into the mainstream by disengaging them from anti-social activities. More initiatives are on the cards to ensure their social acceptance,” the DC Islamabad stated.

He explained that the purpose of the establishment is to empower trans people with skills and education to help them avail more employment opportunities.


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The DC said that he is in contact with the leaders of the community, and plans to develop more of such places in other areas are also in the pipeline.

“We want to end this discrimination as even the Almighty does not discriminate among people. Islam treats everyone as a human being, so transgender [people] should also be treated equally,” Hamza remarked.

He also expressed his intent to provide them with job opportunities in various departments of the government upon the completion of their basic education.