PIA to Ground Overweight Cabin Crew

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has directed its HR department to compile a list of overweight flight attendants.

In 2019, the national carrier had mulled over a proposal to offload overweight staffers to improve performance and to meet the desired standard.

As per sources, the national carrier’s Chief HR Officer, Air Commodore Amer Altaf, has directed the General Manager Flight Services to provide the required data to start the compilation process. The HR Chief stated that the cabin crew members who weigh more than the required standard will be put on the list.


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Previously, PIA’s overweight employees on duty would only be reprimanded for it, but in January 2019, the airline directed 1,800 of its flight attendants to either lose weight to meet the standard set by its management or be grounded.

The weight checks at the base stations had made no difference in 2019 which is why the PIA’s governing body has decided to enforce stricter measures after compiling a new list of its overweight flight attendants.