Here Are The Prices of Sigma Motorsports’ Upcoming Electric Car

The very eventful 2020 brought a rapid influx of many new entrants into the Pakistani automobile market ranging from Hyundai, Proton, Morris Garages (MG), to Changan which were all geared up to have a significant impact.

Known for introducing the HS Q4 Electric Vehicle (EV) to the market in Lahore, Sigma Motorsports is also looking to make its presence know in the country over the weekend with the new EV that is reportedly open for bookings.

The Sigma HS Q4 EV will be available in one of the following three variants:

  • EV Standard
  • EVS Solar (with a solar roof for improved charging)
  • EVS Premium (with a solar roof, a range extender, and an A/C)


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The vehicle has reportedly been brought to Pakistan in a joint effort by Sigma Motorsports and United Autos, both of which are motorcycle dealerships that sell entry-level street bikes in Pakistan. However, whether it will be offered as either a Complete Knock Down (CKD) or a Complete Built-up Unit (CBU) remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, the automaker shared the following spec-sheet with a media outlet:



Note that some of the features are specific to the mid-range and the premium trim-levels only.

The prices of the variants are:

  • EVS Standard (Electric only):Rs. 1,895,000
  • EVS Solar (Electric+Solar): Rs. 1,995,000
  • EVS Premium (Electric + Solar + Range Extender): Rs. 2,125,000


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For a subcompact hatchback with a price range of almost Rs. 1.9 million to Rs. 2.1 million that has the most basic features, it is hard to determine whether it will be a success or not. However, the hefty price tag is an inherent characteristic because the vehicle has an electric powertrain developed on a formula that has not yet been economized anywhere in the world, and it could be a game-changer with the added benefit of various tax exemptions under the new EV policy.

      • So far EV cars are more efficient, having much less wear and tear due to the absence of an engine, gearbox, clutch, and related mechanical parts. You get rid of Engine Oil and Gear Oil, also brake oil, and brake pad consumption is very less due to regenerative braking.
        Due to the great torque of DC Motors, EV cars have no match with gasoline engine powered cars. EV cars accelerate way faster.
        Also due to regenerative braking, you have a dual braking mechanism on every wheel, hence EV cars also decelerate way quicker than heavier engines based Gasoline cars.

        • Bhai check the specs, it is written disc/drum brakes, not the regenerative brakes like you said. Ye Tesla nahi hai bhai!

  • Lead Acid 7.2 Kwh battery pe 28 KM ke range mile ge not 150 – 200 km like advertised. Battery will last for 2 years. who will buy this JUNK?

  • Too early to predict anything but non availability of professionals on this kind of tech, things will be difficult.
    Lets hope what the company has advertised, its delivered too otherwise 2 million Rs drained.

  • Lithium battery hoti tb bhi price kafi zyada hai. Or lead acid battery wese hi kachra battery hy EVs k liye.. pakistani businessman sirf awam ko bewaqoofi banany me lagy huay hain duniya bhr se rejected hub motors or lead acid batteries pe bike assemble kr k awam ko pehnai or ab ye car…. Jese k pakistani kisi khadday me jee rhy hain hamen technology k baray me kuch pata hi nhi, ye Jo pehnaen gy hm pehen lengy.. kamaal hy..


    • Yar yaha sub choona lagana chahtay
      Is say achi renault ki jeep ha jo just 9000 usd me buy kro and just 1000 usd me yaha mangwal lo phr b kaha suv kaha ye mini chai ki dabi mehran hehehe.

  • What are the benefits of various tax exemptions under the new EV policy, if these EVs prices are still beyond economy range.?? WTH…must be in the range of .6 to .8 million.

  • Bhai yahan sub chor hain agar government koi relief package bhi announce karey tu yeh sarmaya daar loag bus yahi sochtey rahtey hain k koun sa aisa tareeqa apnain k yeh relief ka saara faaida unh tak hi rahey aam awam ko koi faaida na ho. Lanat ho inh maal banau partyion per

  • I won’t never buy this car due to following reasons.
    1)Lead Acid batteries ,which hardly lasts for two years.
    With this price tag they should offer lithium batteries
    2)No Regeneration Bracking system

    3) Only offers 1 year liye limited warranty

    4)No local Dealership to provide after sales and repairs

    5) Not a well known car manufacturing company like BYD ,

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