Samsung’s Phone Sales Are Below 300 Million For The First Time in 9 Years

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung has enjoyed massive global sales for almost a decade. However, the ongoing global pandemic has taken a toll on its sales, and for the first time in 9 years, the company will end the year with less than 300 million smartphones shipped.

According to a recent report by a South Korean publication, the smartphone manufacturer will close the year with an estimated 270 million units shipped. Even though the report does not detail the possible causes of the decline in sales, it is pretty clear what caused it.

The company closed its third quarter of 2020 with 189 million units shipped, which, according to the current situation of the world, is an appreciable figure. However, the fact that its sales have declined is a blow for Samsung, and the company has set a goal of eclipsing 307 million units in 2021. The conglomerate plans on achieving this by expanding its mid-range and low-end 5G smartphone lineup. Moreover, the company expects to ship at least 50 million flagship phones next year.

Reportedly, out of the proposed 307 million units, about 93 percent will be smartphones, while the remaining 7 percent, which translates into 20 million, will be from the company’s feature phones stable.