PTCL’s 25-Year License Expires

The integrated license for Pakistan’s oldest telecom giant, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), has expired after 25 years on December 31, 2020, according to the stock filing.

The company needs subsequent approval to operate from January 1, 2021. However, PTCL is in discussion with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Federal Government to finalize the terms and conditions of renewal of the license.

PTCL initiated the renewal process by formally requesting PTA on June 29, 2018, around 30 months before the expiry of the license, the notification issued to the stock exchange said.

PTA responded in the affirmative, saying that PTCL’s license will be renewed following the government policy prevalent at the time of renewal.


Govt, PTA and FAB to Involve AGP in the Zong Spectrum Case

In the interest of business continuity and operations, PTCL has sought a permanent injunction on December 18, 2020, from the Sindh High Court through a petition wherein PTA is restrained from taking any adverse action against the PTCL on expiry of the license after the validity date, and not to interfere into the business of PTCL and the provision of services based on license.

The renewal of the PTCL license will attract handsome inflows of non-tax revenues to the national kitty. However, the government may negotiate with its major sponsor to accomplish the remaining part of the transactions concerning privatization, which needs an exchange of immovable properties to Etisalat and payment of the remaining nearly $800 million tranches to Pakistan’s national exchequer.

  • PTCL se acha koi internet nhi is waqt, sirf Price ziada hai, woh bhi monopoly ki Waja se rakhi hui hai.

  • I have disconnected ptcl connection in August 2020 but still I’m getting bills , this is their customers service

  • I had been a ptcl subscriber since 1984, they have covered long distance since then and improved their services till date.
    Being a senior citizen I have witnessed what transpired from the time of Ayub Khan, till present day Imran Khan.
    There was no corruption in.PTCL to start with, one has to wait for years to get a connection, now you can get a connection in 24 hours,, if it is not progress I wonder what it is after all.
    I thank PTCL for providing brilliant service during my life span.
    Thank you PTCL.

  • Ptcl ki services bohat bad hoti ja rahi hain …main roxana zong se packages karwa Raha hu ….mairay ptcl connection ko to aici problem this jo 5 ya 6 month baad khid hi pata lagi …phr b ptcl sab se sasta aur acha net hai …..age hum eesko share na karain ….hum eesko 10 jaga par share kartay hain aur phr ptcl ko blame kartay hain …

  • Ptcl is improving day by day, ptcl Touch is a great app its more easy to use ptcl services in one touch,. I pay my bills and register my compliments on ptcl touch app and always get positive response from ptcl,. Hope ptcl will make its service more better in coming future. Good Luck & best wishes. long live Pakistan

  • Bura lagee to lagee…
    Stupid people comparing PTCL copper lines with todays fiber internet and saying ptcl is sh..t are big Chay!
    Try GPON and see they are as good as others if not better.

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