Huawei Hicar & BAIC Blue Valley Partner Up to Develop Smart Car

While the last few months had been a testing period for Huawei as it witnessed a sharp decline in its smartphone business due to the sanctions imposed on it by the government of the United States of America, the China-based tech-firm continues to venture undeterred into multiple unfamiliar territories.

A recent news report revealed that Huawei is planning to partner with BAIC Blue Valley to develop a new smart car in the first half of 2021.


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BAIC is one of the largest Chinese state-owned automobile companies with a huge presence in multiple international markets, including Pakistan. BAIC Blue Valley is it’s Electric Vehicle (EV) development wing that works in tandem with multiple car companies around the world.

The announcement of the collaboration between the two companies came earlier today during a session with the media. ChinaStarMarket, a Chinese media and infotainment outlet, was the first to release the report stating that the collaboration had begun in January 2020 but has been made public just now.


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Details about the distinguishing set of features to be added to the smart car to make it stand apart from the competition are sparse at the moment.

However, the report added that Huawei has taken the responsibility of carrying out research and development activities for the smart car’s software systems, ICT technology, and cloud computing systems.