Madrassahs and Mosques Announce Protest on Govt Decision to Reveal Sources of Income

Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabia – the apex body of seminaries at the federal level – has announced a protest in Islamabad on January 26 regarding amendments in Waqf Property Act, reported Express Tribune.


The announcement came with a statement from the body terming the amendments as ‘infringement’ on the freedom of mosques and seminaries.

The Act requires mosques and seminaries to disclose their source of income and the identities of the donors.

Wifaqul Madaris Nazim, Maulana Qazi Abdul Rashid, demanded the government to withdraw amendments in Waqf Property Act.


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Addressing a presser at Jamat-e-Islami office, he said, “The amendments in Waqf Property Act infringe the freedom of mosques and seminaries.”

“The freedom of madrassas and mosques was being curtailed at the behest of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and other powers,” Qazi said, adding that if the government did not withdraw new provisions in the Act, they would start the second phase of the movement.


Qazi said that questioning donors of mosques and seminaries are tantamount to harassing them. He said, “We are ready to give expenditure details of madrassas but will not open our accounts in banks.”

He also said that they wanted a one-window operation for the registration of madrassas. However, the procedure of registration with the government has not yet been finalized.


  • How are they supposed to keep record of “all” donations? People put very small amounts like Rs. 10 in collection boxes and contributions by 80% people would be in this fashion. However, there should be no issue on large donations that are done through banking channels.

  • traitors the lot of them. They declare there oaths to a foreign government not pakistan. its about time Mullah’s are brought into check for there defilering the word of allah

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