Experts Reveal the Real Reason Why Karachi is the Breeding Ground for COVID-19

Health experts suggest that the “ideal weather conditions” in the port city of Karachi have fueled the surge in COVID-19 infections, and have identified humidity as one of its major proponents.

The data released by the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) showed that 1,235 cases were reported from 13,008 tests conducted within the last 24 hours in Karachi.

Overall, 11 people in Sindh succumbed to the virus, raising the province’s death toll to 3,755 over the past 24 hours.


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According to a news report, the recent surge in COVID-19 infections has been attributed to a number of contributing factors that primarily include the living conditions of the slum areas that house millions, in addition to some unwarranted social gatherings in the various districts of the city.

Regarding the situation, a professor of the Health Service Academy in Islamabad said,

Cold weather with moderate humidity in the range of 45-60 percent is the ideal weather for the spread of the coronavirus and that is why its cases are surging in Karachi where its positivity was 15 percent today as compared to the national positivity rate of 7 percent.

He also highlighted Karachi’s dense population as a major cause of the high positivity rate because of millions of people living in adverse conditions with poor ventilation and insufficient space.

Explaining his view on the matter, the professor said,

Super-spreading events are events where people are regularly interacting with each other without adopting any preventive measures, and this is happening in the bazaars, markets, and other crowded places in Karachi.

Viewing Pakistan from an overall perspective, he added that some excellent weather conditions and dense population are “helping the spread of COVID-19 in Karachi twice more rapidly as compared to the rest of the country”.

Citizens Bereft of Common Decency with No Regard for SOPs

Another prominent expert associated with the PMDC is Dr. Tahir Hussain who suggests that the provincial government is not playing its role in enforcing the COVOD-19 SOPs to prevent further spread of the virus in the province. He remarked:

It seems they have given up. You can see that at weddings, markets and on the roads. They issue instructions just on paper but do nothing to enforce it.

He also condemned the callousness of the city’s residents and their failure to adhere to the COVID-intensive practices.


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People need to be clear about certain issues because the coronavirus crisis is still unfolding. While many affectees may only experience mild symptoms, it is important to keep those who are most vulnerable safe.

By following guidelines in the pretext of preventing the further spread of the coronavirus, Pakistan can actualize a recovery mode that is long overdue.