How SoftKodes’ AI-Based Systems Can Prevent Mishaps and Save Lives

By Aaiman Waqar Khan

Disclaimer: I wrote this article as it deeply saddens me as a patriot Pakistani that our government with a little bit of technological solution can counter all these issues. I will not give up till I can help our local authorities and law enforcement agencies to counter all these issues Insha Allah: Harsh reality and truth behind Pakistan’s and other developing and some developed countries and their misconception when the term Infrastructure is used when speaking about the ecosystem/era of digitization. 

Let’s take Pakistan as an example. When we talk about infrastructure, our thoughts are limited to drones, cameras, an increase in Human Resource, an increase in other essential equipment, telcos, Internet providers, etc.

The above-mentioned solutions are all facilitators that may or may not be needed, however, they can be used very strategically with minimal monetary expense by incorporating advanced tech solutions. The questions one must ask are how many cameras are enough to secure Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan city (Karachi) with an estimated population of 22 million?(un-official estimated) How many drones are required to cover 3780 sq km? What happens when telcos and internet services are disrupted during rainfall?

What happens in real-time when a robbery, kidnapping, theft is happening? The solution lies in your smartphones. We can only help the government or private sectors who have consulted with us to make minor amendments in laws/regulations (PS) and tweaking in there infrastructure based on any countries/Private Sectors (will and intent) and then their budget. Could the kidnapping have been stopped? Yes? Or perhaps mitigated!!. Could a person be saved in a medical emergency? Yes. Can a fire in a market be diffused or handled in a better and more professional way. Yes, it could!!

Where do we come in? Being the co-founder of Softkodes, which is one of the most progressive Melbourne, Australian based company (headquarters) with an office and representatives in Karachi, Pakistan in JV with our foreign partners (cannot be named without an NDA signed with any clients). The biggest value we add to society is by saving lives. We start by (consultation), simply by asking about the past trends in any cluster and gather the data to let (AI) Artificial intelligence do its job.

The competitive edge we have is that the entire system is designed to ensure emergency management through a solid dynamic database-driven system patched with the front from an app that works through a seamless set of processes to automate the overall emergency management response. The portal, however (be it government or private sector) is designed to upload all information including maps, analytics which is readily available. Each level of the hierarchy has different access to information to ensure data security.

There is no company in the world, of this level of magnitude integrated with an intelligent technological system that enables all levels of hierarchy to take timely, accurate, and procedural decisions during an emergency in any cluster. We are in many verticals from solutions based on a robust cloud-based geo-fenced system on seamless channels of interaction. When dealing with any emergency health care, emergency management, theft, kidnapping, personal threat, harassment, rape victims, fire, evacuation.

Every second counts in saving lives or diffusing them with cutting-edge technology, we have the solutions for all your problems. But do you have the intent? We are a decade ahead of others!!!! Welcome to the era of digitization and the terminology of Infrastructure is not just tangible assets!! Every country that has adopted our simple technology for users but years have gone into the development, have either diffused the situation prior or closed the cases in less than 24 hours depending on which vertical we are talking about.

Aaiman Waqar Khan is the co-founder of SoftKodes. He can be reached here:


  • Very well written, and these kind of things should implemented on highest priority. Now we are living and breathing in Technological era, every person whether he/she is tech savvy or not they need internet and best camera mobile, but our local law enforcement infrastructure is not developed enough.
    Such system is a basic need.

  • Thanks for adding up to my knowledge.yes definitely technology is important to develop our country.your suggestion should be implement.

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