Civil Aviation Authority Responds to Threat by British Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has responded to an intimidating letter from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority regarding the permission to allow British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to operate flights in Pakistan.

The letter that was addressed to the Director Transport CAA had threatened sanctions against Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) if British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are not allowed to operate within Pakistan.


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CAA responded in a letter that the Pakistani authorities have been cooperating with the British airlines despite a ban on PIA operating flights to the UK.

The letter clarified that Virgin Atlantic had not been granted permission to operate flights from Manchester to Islamabad due to a lack of facilities by the airline, and also mentioned that it had sold its tickets without the approval of Pakistan’s CAA.


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The CAA remarked that Virgin Atlantic had later been allowed to operate flights along this route after it fulfilled the operational requirements.

The letter further highlighted that Pakistan’s CAA has always supported British airlines to boost the UK’s aviation industry.

“We have given a discount to British Airways in aeronautical charges,” the letter concluded.