LUMS Publishes Case Study on Nayatel’s Quality of Service

Nayatel is a leading Fiber to the Home Internet Service Provider company of Pakistan which is currently operating in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, and Gujranwala. With new cities in the pipeline, Nayatel is all geared up to introduce International standards of service in Pakistan.

LUMS, as we all know, is a leading institute of Management Sciences in Pakistan which is making rounds across the globe since 1984. While global case studies have been a hallmark of Management Studies in major Universities of Pakistan, LUMS has stepped forward to formulate local case studies.

Under Asian Journal of Management Cases, SAGE Publications, LUMS has published a case study on Nayatel titled “Nayatel: Quality in DNA”.

This is a remarkable achievement for Pakistan as a local company established in 1996, and introduced to the world as Nayatel in 2006, has achieved milestones in quality of service.

This case study highlights the fundamental tools and consistent efforts that led to the success of Nayatel. From humble beginnings, the three co-founding members, Wahaj Siraj (CEO), Khawaja Saad Saleem (COO), and Aqeel Khurshid (CTO) were able to develop a promising organization with a focus on quality customer service at the epicenter of it all.

People associate Nayatel directly with excellence and prefer its services over other service providers. With a strong organizational culture, Nayatel was able to maintain its core values which were transcended across all of Nayatel’s ways of dealing, be it with customers or when treating its employees.

While facing their due share of barriers from competitors, that included not only reigning leaders, but emerging brands offering FTTH network connectivity, Nayatel kept moving forward while remaining consistently customer-centric.

The young blood pulsing through Nayatel offered innovative solutions that were being introduced in Pakistan for the first time. The unmatched passion and efforts allowed Nayatel to also expand its horizon and start offering Business Solutions, locally as well as nationally.

Nayatel prides itself as an organization that constantly offers unmatched quality service that sets it a class apart. The case study amalgamates the efforts it took to reach where Nayatel is today.

With the future looking bright, the company now has to make important decisions, in terms of its growth strategy that will affect the future of Nayatel as a business not only regionally, but also in the international market.

  • Ministry of it kay sabqa mulazmeen istifa day kar mil kar aik Company banatay ہیں aur it ministry say license ka foran milna, pta say bandwidth bohat sasta milna, exclusive rights ke protection, ye sab milibhagat kay baghair mumkin nahi, kia ye sab bhi likha gaya hai asal kamyabi ka raaz

  • I have been a Nayatel user since 2013. In its early days, it was a brilliant internet service provider but for last few years, the service has gone just above par. With increased number of customers, the quality needs to be constantly in check. Though, it is still better than others but not the Nayatel that I have used back in 2013/14. Frequent disconnections and bandwith dropping to zero for 10 to 15 seconds straight are the major issues I have faced in past 3 years. Complaining them is of no use as they just tell you to check the internet speed at ookla’s speed test website everytime I complain.

    I’ll rate it 6/10 since 2017.

  • Service is indeed one of their strong points but not support service which unlike other ISPs costs an arm and a leg.

    Their sales teams are drunk on their monopoly in Islamabad. Thus, they do not offer true unlimited packages which all private FTTH ISPs do.

    Fortunately, Transworld and Stormfiber have finally started to compete with them. But as evidenced, Nayatel is still pretty much asleep.

    Eventually the consumer will get the much needed relief that it has long longed for.

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