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Here’s Why Apple-Nissan Won’t Be Making the Apple Car

The fabric of patience and interest is beginning to wear thin among tech and car enthusiasts as Apple has once again reportedly discontinued talks with Nissan for the development of the ‘Apple Car’.

As per a report shared by an international infotainment outlet, Apple had entered talks with Nissan a few days ago to collaborate on the development of Apple’s first-ever smart car but the senior management of both the companies had reached an impasse when it came to the branding of the product. The difference of opinion resulted in the sudden termination of the pursuit of the alliance.


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As per the details, the executives at Apple want the car to be branded under the ‘Apple’ name, which the executives at Nissan considered to be a step down for the Japanese automotive giant to a mere “hardware supplier”.

The tech firm is starting to develop an unfavorable reputation across the global auto industry with its controversial ‘Apple Car’ endeavor, as it has been reported that carmakers around the world are contemplating keeping Apple at arm’s length over fears of playing second fiddle to Apple’s success.